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Baby Shopping Cart Cover - Coming Up Roses Beautiful Floral Print

$39.95 USD

Our Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Cover in velvety soft (and washable) fabric provides just the right amount of cushion and protection for your child. It quickly and easily slips onto most carts, provides a 360 degree germ barrier utilizing our proprietary attachment clips, then simply folds up within itself for easy transportation and storage. The see-through pocket keeps screens secured and clean, while the two attached toy rings provide entertainment for your child while you shop!

GERM BARRIER - Shopping carts are some of the dirtiest things you can touch. One study proved they have even more bacteria than public restrooms. Our shopping cart cover provides a 360 degree germ barrier to keep your baby’s hands, body, and mouth from touching that dirty cart so she doesn’t contract any nasty bacteria or viruses, and the same goes for you.

WASHABLE - One of the benefits of using a shopping cart cover is that it’s a germ barrier. But if it’s really going to do its job – protecting you and your baby from other people’s germs – you have to keep it cleanWe recommend washing your shopping cart cover in a washing machine on a gentle cycle in cold water. You can wash the hammock and cart cover with other items made of similar fabrics – the hammock is 97% cotton and 3% spandex and the cart cover is 100% polyester – or you can wash them alone if you’re worried about the plastic clips or velcro snagging other baby clothes, towels, or blankets. Shopping cart covers can go in the dryer on a low heat setting, but lay hammocks flat to dry. Make sure both are completely dry before storing or using them. Following these simple washing and drying techniques will help maintain the velvety soft fabric and lifespan of your hammock and cart cover.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN - Shopping with kids can be a challenge and shopping carts are uncomfortable and dirty. We hear you! Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Covers are the perfect solution that allow you to shop with your toddler safely (and comfily!) secured in the shopping cart. We improved the traditional shopping cart cover by adding the see-through pocket and built a product that complimented our baby hammock design. The built-in plastic hooks allow the cover to wrap all the way around the edges of the cart to provide a 360 degree germ barrier! With multiple children (or even a growing only child!) we wanted to make it easy for moms and dads to bring their babes along during shopping errands.

TOP QUALITY MATERIALS - Our cover is made from top-of-the-line materials to ensure your child's safety and comfort. Made with brushed fabric that's soft to the touch but also durable and stain resistant, this shopping cart cover will surround your toddler in comfort and style. Premium plastic clips and elastic ensures the cover stays securely in place on the cart at all times.

SAFETY FIRST - Safety is our top priority at Binxy Baby and we want you to feel confident bringing your child on shopping errands. Our product has passed numerous safety tests and certifications, and is fully compliant with the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). A secure 3-point-seat harness ensures your toddler stays put throughout. Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Covers are recommended for babies once they can sit up unassisted.

EASY STORAGE - Traditional cart covers are bulky, we understand that. This  shopping cart cover can be easily folded within itself and has carrying straps so it can be brought with you wherever you go. It takes up little space and is easy to store so you can quickly grab your Binxy Baby cover for hands-free shopping!

OPTIMAL COMFORT - Plush fabric and activity accessories will help put your babe at ease while you shop. We use soft fabric free of toxic materials for your baby’s long term health and wellness.