Katie Convertino, Owner, @ShopJunePark
"Icru and I had a very successful shopping trip today thanks to Binxy Baby. Now that he’s older, he loves looking around and I can still put all my groceries in the cart!
JenLovesKev, Lifestyle Blogger
Grocery shopping and errands with all 3 kids has been one of my biggest struggles since Orion was born. There is just no room in cart with a big car seat sitting in it. Enter Binxy Baby! They are seriously my life saver.”

Casey Lennon, Entrepreneur
I’ve been never been to a super Target before and I’ve never had a smooth shopping experience with these two kids in tow before today. But damn, this Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock just made grocery shopping so easy.
Kelly Fleschow, The Vintage Blonde
"Best. Invention. Ever. Binxy baby makes it so you can add all those extra items that you don't need.

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24,000 kids a year are treated in hospital emergency rooms because of shopping cart-related injuries. Binxy Baby® is the safe shopping alternative for moms with babies.



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