Shopping Cart Hammock FAQ's


Binxy Baby's success has unfortunately become a target for counterfeit manufacturers. While not always easy to detect, these products are made with inferior and potentially dangerous materials. We take this issue very seriously and are working to remove fake Binxy Baby products from the market. To be confident that you are always buying authentic Binxy Baby products, we urge you to buy from an authorized retailer. You can buy online at Amazon is also an authorized Binxy Baby retailer, but many "Third Party Marketplace" sellers are not (even when the sale is fulfilled by Amazon). "Third Party Marketplace" sellers have been known to sell counterfeit products and are not covered under our warranty. Please remember, if the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

How long will it take to get my order?

US orders ship via USPS Priority Mail with an average delivery time of 3-5 days from the order date. Once your order ships you will receive an email with tracking information. For more information please visit our shipping section HERE

Can I send my Binxy Baby as a gift?

Yes! We are happy to add a personal note to any order. You may include your well wishes in the note section during checkout.

How can I help spread the word about Binxy Baby?

If you haven't already experienced shopping with Binxy Baby first-hand, get ready. You're about to be cornered in every supermarket in town with the question, "Where did you get that?" To help you out, we include a few of our business cards for this now common occurrence. Please feel free to share and spread the Binxy love while you shop! We'd also love to get you set up to receive $5.00 in cash for each sale you send our way. Either online or in-store. Visit our REFER A FRIEND page for more info. You can also print your own business cards complete with your personalized referral code on them HERE . These are perfect to have on hand to pass out to curious shoppers and helps you avoid sharing the same info over and over again. Plus, they get 10% off and you get a $5.00 reward!

What is your return policy?

We want you to be 100% happy with your purchase! So, if you decide it's just not right for you, we offer free returns within 60 days. For more information please visit our shipping and returns section HERE

How secure is the Shopping Cart Hammock?

The Shopping Cart Hammock is manufactured with the highest quality standards using two layers of upholstery weight fabric, sturdy reinforced seams, and a three-point seat belt to secure your child. The Hammock attaches to the shopping cart using two 12 inch clips that have been weight tested and engineered to hold over 50 pounds. The clips are then secured to the cart by a Velcro strap. The combination of the 12 inch clips and the Velcro strap prevents the Shopping Cart Hammock from sliding, tipping, or coming unhooked.

What are the age limitations?

The Shopping Cart Hammock is designed for children from birth until they can sit upright unassisted. It is not recommended for use once they are strong enough to pull themselves up or try to roll or climb out of the Hammock. The Shopping Cart Cover is designed for children who can sit up unassisted, usually around 6-8 months of age.

What are the weight limitations?

The Shopping Cart Hammock can hold up to 50 pounds. We designed the Hammock to hold both a baby, and an infant car seat. Just set the entire infant carrier into the Hammock and secure using the provided attachment straps.

Is my baby too long for the Shopping Cart Hammock?

The total length of your baby doesn't really matter as much as their seated height. If you measure from their bum to the top of their head, that's their seated height. It needs to be less than 19 inches to fit comfortably in the Hammock. If your baby is extra long, our Hammock stretches! Try sliding the Hammock to the widest section of the cart to give him or her a little more room. We've found most babies can still fit comfortably until about 8 months. And remember, even if your baby is too long, you can still use it with an infant car seat up to 50 pounds!

Does the hammock really work with an infant carrier?

Yes! Each Hammock comes equipped with an attachment strap specifically for infant carriers. Once your Shopping Cart Hammock is securely installed, nestle your infant car seat down into the Hammock and secure it with the infant car seat attachment strap. Check that the carrier is positioned at the correct angle, securely attached to the Hammock, baby is buckled, and you are good to go!

Does the Shopping Cart Hammock fit all shopping carts?

The Shopping Cart Hammock fits most shopping carts (20"-24" wide) found at big box stores and grocery stores. It fits some Sam's Club and Costco carts, but not all. If your wholesale club uses the extra wide and shallow carts, it may not fit. We do not recommend use on the mini carts found at some specialty stores. The Hammock should be fairly tight when stretched across the shopping cart, but not so tight that you worry something will break. Also, if the cart is too narrow to hold your baby comfortably, please do not try to squish them into the Hammock. This can create a dangerous chin to chest position for your baby. When used properly, the Hammock should hold your baby in a natural cradle position and allow plenty of room for head and neck movement. Do NOT use if the Shopping Cart Hammock does not seem to fit the cart safely or provide adequate support for your baby.

Does the Shopping Cart Cover fit all shopping carts?

Yes, our cart covers will fit on all shopping carts including the larger than standard shopping carts at Costco & Target.

Does the Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Cover fit high chairs?

It does! You can fit the cover over the child seat area of the high chair with the pattern side facing up and align the leg holes accordingly. With our safety harness fastened, your baby has a snug, safe fit in a high chair.

Has the Shopping Cart Hammock been safety tested?

Yes, we have worked hard to create a product that provides a safe and secure place for your baby while you shop. We are fully compliant with the US Consumer Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). Our hammocks meet or exceed all United States requirements and are tested by a certified third party facility. Some of the tests include use and abuse, impact, torque, tension, and load testing up to 100 pounds. In order to ensure 100% safety for your baby, we also test for lead, phthalates, toxicity, strength, color, as well as dozens of other properties. Safety is extremely important to us at Binxy Baby and we want you to feel confident about using your Shopping Cart Hammock.

How do I clean my Binxy Baby product?

We recommend washing both the Shopping Cart Hammock and the Shopping Cart Cover in a washing machine on a gentle cycle in cold water. You can wash the Hammock and Cart Cover with other items made of similar fabrics – the Hammock is 97% Cotton and 3% Spandex and the Cart Cover is 100% polyester – or you can wash them alone if you’re worried about the plastic clips or Velcro snagging other baby clothes, towels, or blankets. Shopping Cart Covers can go in the dryer on a low heat setting, but lay Hammocks flat to dry. Make sure both are completely dry before storing or using them.

Where do you ship?

Due to Covid-related shipping disruptions, we are currently only shipping to the US, Canada, and Mexico. Check out our SHIPPING page for more info.

Could you fit two of these on one shopping cart?

Yes! You should be able to use two of our Shopping Cart Hammocks on a standard-sized metal or plastic shopping cart (20-24 inches wide). We and our customers who have multiples have found two Binxy hammocks work best when you place them toward the top of the shopping cart closest to you.

Can I use the Shopping Cart Hammock with a toddler sitting in the cart's child seat?

Yes. We designed our Hammock to be used while shopping with two kids in a cart. Even with the child seat down and your baby in the Hammock, you should still have 1-2 feet of space in the grocery cart to fit your groceries or other items. Check out our cute Shopping Cart Covers so your toddler can ride in comfort and style along with your baby!

How will my baby be positioned?

When used correctly, your baby should comfortably lie in his or her natural cradle position, like they would if they were lying in a reclined infant sleeper or swing, with their head, neck, and spine supported. There should be room for safe head and neck movement. If your baby’s chin is pressed up against his or her chest or your baby doesn’t look supported, don’t use the Hammock with the shopping cart.

What is the fabric made of?

Our Shopping Cart Hammock’s fabric is made up of two layers of upholstery weight fabric with reinforced stitching on all the seams. Being 97% cotton and 3% spandex, the fabric is soft to the touch, has a little stretch to fit standard-sized carts, and is very sturdy. Our Shopping Cart Cover is made of a brushed polyester fabric that is incredibly soft to the touch, but also stain resistant.

What are the dimensions of the Shopping Cart Hammock?

Our Shopping Cart Hammock is 12 inches wide and 24 inches long.

Will the Hammock stretch out if I use it mostly with an infant car seat?

No. While the Hammock already has elastic sides so it can stretch to fit most standard-sized shopping carts, it is made mostly of cotton, so it shouldn’t permanently stretch out if you use your infant car seat with it.

Where do you put the Hammock when not using it?

Our Shopping Cart Hammock is made using flexible fabric, allowing it to be rolled up when not in use. It can easily and compactly fit inside most diaper bags, backpacks, and purses.

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