How to Clean Your Shopping Cart Hammock and Cart Cover

April 01, 2020

How to Clean Your Shopping Cart Hammock and Cart Cover

Life with a baby or a toddler is messy and unpredictable. Having baby gear that’s easy to clean is non-negotiable because no one has the time or energy to hand wash all their laundry!

How do you wash a shopping cart hammock and cart cover?

We recommend washing both the shopping cart hammock and the shopping cart cover in a washing machine on a gentle cycle in cold water. You can wash the hammock and cart cover with other items made of similar fabrics – the hammock is 97% cotton and 3% spandex and the cart cover is 100% polyester – or you can wash them alone if you’re worried about the plastic clips or velcro snagging other baby clothes, towels, or blankets.

Shopping cart covers can go in the dryer on a low heat setting, but lay hammocks flat to dry. Make sure both are completely dry before storing or using them. 

Following these simple washing and drying techniques will help maintain the velvety soft fabric and lifespan of your hammock and cart cover.

How often should I wash my shopping cart cover?

Wash your shopping cart cover after each use. Some people choose to only wash their shopping cart cover every few uses, while others only wash it when it gets noticeably dirty. This is really a personal preference, but we recommend washing your shopping cart cover after each use so it stays clean and germ-free.

One of the benefits of using a shopping cart cover is that it’s a germ barrier. But if it’s really going to do its job – protecting you and your baby from other people’s germs – you have to keep it clean. Even if you wipe the shopping cart handle and seat down with a disinfecting wipe, it will never kill 100% of the germs. So while you and your baby may not touch any germs, the bottom of the shopping cart cover does. The only way to effectively get rid of any shopping cart germs on your cart cover is by tossing it in the washing machine after you get home from each shopping trip.

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How often should I wash my shopping cart hammock?

You should wash your shopping cart hammock at least every couple of uses. If milk, spit-up, or anything else gets on your hammock, or if you’re worried about germs, then we recommend washing it after each use.

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Are there other ways to clean my shopping cart hammock or cart cover?

Yes! While the best way to disinfect a shopping cart hammock or cover from bacteria and viruses is to wash it in the washing machine, it’s not your only cleaning option. If your baby spits up on her shopping cart hammock or spills juice on his shopping cart cover, you can easily clean it with a baby wipe or with a washcloth and warm, soapy water.

If you have any questions about cleaning your shopping cart hammock or cart cover, don’t hesitate to ask us! We’re happy to answer any and all of your questions.