Do I Need a Shopping Cart Cover?

February 27, 2020

Do I Need a Shopping Cart Cover?

When it comes to shopping cart covers, parents are divided on whether they really need one. Someone may have told you, “You don’t need one. A few germs won’t hurt your baby. Germs help build their immunity!” Or maybe someone has said, “I never used mine. I always forgot it at home.” Your parents may have even chimed in with, “We never used one with you, and you’re healthy and alive.”

Maybe you share some of these sentiments. Or maybe you’ve been wondering if a baby shopping cart cover is really worth the money because how long will you actually use it.

But anytime a parent asks us, “Do I need a shopping cart cover for my baby?”, without hesitation, our answer is yes! And it’s not just because we sell shopping cart covers. Here’s why we recommend parents have a shopping cart cover.

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It helps your baby sit safely.

Each baby develops on his own time, but usually, babies start sitting up around 6 months old. Once your baby can sit on his own, he can sit in the child seat of a shopping cart. But babies just learning to sit can still be wobbly. A shopping cart cover is designed to help prop babies up. The cushioned padding provides full-body comfort and support around a baby’s back, front, and sides of his body, keeping him safe and secure while he sits in a cart.

It keeps your baby’s hands, mouth, clothes, and toys clean.

Going out in public can be hard for some moms with babies. Will you be around sick people? How will your baby do? Will you even be able to get any shopping done? Parents worry about a lot of things, but worrying about how you can keep your baby from getting sick is a common worry for many parents. 

A shopping cart cover is one way to keep germs and other harmful bacteria that could be lurking on a shopping cart handle away from your baby. As its name suggests, a shopping cart cover completely covers the cart handle and seat of the cart so your baby can teeth, drool, and slobber as she pleases. It also gives you a clean place to attach a toy or teething ring that will keep your little one entertained as you shop.

Some double as a high chair cover. 

Many shopping cart covers double as high chair covers. So if you regularly shop and eat out, then you really do need one. Restaurant high chairs are about as gross as shopping carts – you never know what the sticky, dirty mess on those high chairs is from or how long it’s been there.

Before you buy or register for a shopping cart cover, keep these shopping cart cover shopping tips in mind: make sure the cover is actually comfortable, comes with a safety belt, will fit the type of shopping carts you use most often, can be thrown in the washer, and is easy to use.