The Benefits of Using a Shopping Cart Cover

February 20, 2020

The Benefits of Using a Shopping Cart Cover

You’ve likely seen shopping cart covers on must-have lists for items to add to your baby registry or been told by a mom you need one. But is a baby shopping cart cover really a necessity? We know our answer, but we’ll let you read on and make that decision for yourself.

It cushions and protects your child.

Shopping carts have metal and plastic seats. They’re cold and hard. And that lap belt not only looks filthy, but it also doesn’t look very safe. A shopping cart cover is made of soft materials. It provides a comfy and safe shopping seat. Your baby or toddler also won’t slide around, and he’ll be secure with its seat harness. Plus, keeping the metal and plastic parts covered prevents your child from getting his little fingers pinched. 

The best seat covers for shopping carts are made out of soft, safe, and stain-resistant materials, and they come with a three-point seat harness and clips and/or elastic to make sure the cover stays in place the entire time you shop.

It’s a germ barrier.

Should you be worried about your child touching a public shopping cart? Absolutely! Shopping carts are some of the dirtiest things you can touch. One study proved they have even more bacteria than public restrooms. A baby shopping cart cover will keep your baby’s hands, body, and mouth from touching that dirty cart so she doesn’t contract any nasty bacteria or viruses, and the same goes for you.

But if you’re really going to keep those germs away from you and your child, wash that grocery cart cover as soon as you get home. You two may not have touched the cart, but the bottom of the cover did.

It comes with built-in entertainment.

Many shopping cart covers come with straps to attach toys, or they come with toy rings already attached. That’s one less thing you have to remember to pack in the diaper bag. Some, like ours, even have a see-through pocket for you to slide your phone into so your child can watch a show while you shop. No mom will judge you for letting your little one watch “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” or “Word Party” so you can try to have a peaceful shopping trip.

Many parents use shopping cart covers nowadays, and for good reason. They’re safe and effective, not to mention they have some pretty fun designs. So while it’s another thing you have to buy and it may take you a little extra time to put one on, your child’s safety and health (and yours too!) make it all worth it.

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