The New Norm: Useful Gadgets to Help Keep You and Your Baby Protected in Public

June 15, 2020

The New Norm: Useful Gadgets to Help Keep You and Your Baby Protected in Public

As we’re all getting used to the ‘new normal’ – trying to live our lives while keeping COVID-19 at bay –  eventually you’ll have to go out in public with your baby, if you haven’t already. While we don’t think you need to wear a giant cardboard circle to enforce social distancing, we do think it’s a good idea to use some of these useful gadgets to keep you and your baby protected in public.

Car Seat Canopy

The CDC has recommended people wear face coverings in public to prevent getting sick, but kids under 2 years old shouldn’t wear them. Babies and toddlers have smaller airways so it’s harder for them to breathe through a mask, which makes them a potential choking hazard. But if you have an infant, you can keep them covered and still allow them to comfortably breathe with a car seat canopy. Car seat canopies are not just for keeping your baby warm during the winter, they can also keep away bugs, dust, and germs.

Shopping Cart Cover

While it’s safest to leave your baby at home when you need to go out, you can’t always do that. So the next time your kitchen and pantry are bare and you can’t find a sitter, take your baby and a cart cover to the grocery store with you. A cart cover easily slips over a shopping cart seat – completely covering it – so your baby isn’t touching the handle and contracting any viruses. Just make sure to clean your cart cover afterward so it will continue protecting you and your baby from sickness.

UV-Sanitizing Devices

You probably remember the last time you washed your hands – but do you remember the last time you cleaned your phone? You touch it and set it down on various surfaces numerous times a day. There’s a lot of germs lurking on your phone. While you can clean your phone with hand sanitizer or a disinfecting wipe, UV light sanitizing gadgets are environmentally-friendly, and they quickly and safely remove bacteria from handheld devices and other objects around your home. There are also portable UV-sanitizing hand-held wands and soft bags that make it possible to use these devices at home, on the go, or both. 

As moms ourselves, we know nothing matters more to you than the health and safety of your baby. We hope these gadgets will help keep your family safe and give you peace of mind as you navigate through this new normal.