How-to: Keeping Surfaces Clean for Babies

June 22, 2020

How-to: Keeping Surfaces Clean for Babies

Babies are germ magnets. They touch everything. And touching usually isn’t enough, so then they put everything in their mouth. 

From toys to high chairs to play areas and public spaces, you and your baby come in contact with lots of surfaces throughout the day that are covered in who knows what. To help limit the spread of germs and illness, it’s up to you to keep these surfaces clean. Here’s how you can do that.

Disinfect toys every day

Soap and water is the best way to clean your hands. This cheap combination also works wonders to rid many of your baby’s toys, such as teething rings and plastic building blocks, of bacteria and viruses. You can also put some toys in a washing machine or dishwasher – just double-check that toys are washing machine or dishwasher-safe before putting them in. You can also use baby-safe cleaning products on toys and play areas throughout your home. We suggest using non-toxic surface cleaning products, ones free of harsh chemicals and dyes, since toys usually end up in babies’ mouths. 

Sanitize kitchen surfaces before and after eating

Every parent wants a healthy, well-fed kid. One way to do that is by spending several moments of your day in the kitchen making food and feeding your baby (if he’s old enough to eat food, of course). The only problem with the kitchen is that it’s a breeding ground for bacteria. You can help prevent spreading bacteria by wiping kitchen surfaces clean before and after preparing and eating food. Consider using a disinfectant that’s safe to be used around babies and food. If it’s made of natural ingredients, doesn’t leave behind any harsh chemicals, and no rinse is required after using, then you’ll know it’s a good product to use in your kitchen.

We also recommend using the CDC’s “spray-wipe-spray” technique to make sure you completely clean and disinfect kitchen surfaces.

Use a cart cover when shopping

Shopping carts are high-touch public surfaces. You don’t know who or how many people have used a shopping cart before you do. You don’t know if those people were sick or if their hands were clean. And even though many stores right now are disinfecting shopping carts after each use, you can never be too careful when it comes to the health and safety of your baby. So if you’re out shopping with your little one, put a shopping cart cover over the cart’s seat and handle before setting her down. It covers the entire seat and handle, preventing you and your baby from touching and contracting other people’s germs.

But for the cart cover to continue doing its job of being a portable germ barrier, you need to keep it cleaned as well. We recommend washing your cart cover in the washing machine after each use.

Have we gotten you in the cleaning mood now? (You’re welcome!) Learn what other everyday baby items you should be sanitizing and how often they need to be cleaned.