Shopping at Target With Kids: 5 Tips to Keep You Sane!

December 16, 2019

Shopping at Target With Kids: 5 Tips to Keep You Sane!

 Moms know Target is one place we can’t get enough of. There’s nothing like peacefully strolling the home decor and beauty aisles with a caffeinated beverage in hand.

Except, you’re a mom. You spend most of your days shopping with kids. That dream of a quiet Target run has now turned into the reality of a loud toddler meltdown and baby blowout as you desperately try to finish your grocery shopping.

Sound familiar? We’ve all been there. But you know what, a trip to Target with your kids doesn’t have to be so bad. Save your sanity and don’t let your kids ruin your favorite store by following our five tips for shopping with kids at Target.

1. Download the Target app.

There’s a good chance you already know where everything is, but just in case you don’t or are shopping at a new Target, the Target app will be your lifesaver. Make your list and then use the app to tell you where each item is located so you can get in and out of there fast. You may love spending an hour at Target, but your kids don’t. Plus it makes it easy to save while you shop, as the app has the store’s weekly ad and Target Circle offers.

2. Steer clear of the double shopping carts.

Have you ever tried to drive a semi-truck trailer down a narrow back alley? That’s what it’s like trying to drive one of Target’s double carts through the store. They really should make you get a permit for those things. You can’t make it through the store without crashing into someone or something, and it takes all of your energy and years of driving experience when you have to turn a corner. Don’t let your toddler see one of those carts either. If they do, tell them it’s broken. Get a normal shopping cart. Your toddler can sit in the seat with a shopping cart cover, and if you’re also shopping with a baby, securely attach a shopping cart hammock to the cart and put your baby in the hammock. Your toddler will be happy because he can see everything, your baby will be happy because she’s comfortable, and you will be happy because you’re pushing a cart and not steering the Titanic through Target.

3. Skip the Dollar Spot.

Target is strategic. They stick their dollar section right at the front of the store because they know most people can’t pass up on killer deals. This section is also referred to as Bullseye’s Playground, and yes, it will be a playground for your kids as toys, dress-up items, mini coloring books, seasonal decor, and more are within reach of their little hands. Hands that turn into a plastic, robot claw toy that can grab and hold onto everything in sight. You, on the other hand, will either end up spending $10 on random stuff that your kids will break or lose interest in the next day, or have whining kids because you wouldn’t let them buy that book of Paw Patrol stickers.

4. Take pictures of toys for Santa or birthday lists.

No matter how hard you try, you will inevitably walk by something your child wants but you don’t want to buy. When that happens, and you calmly say, “Sorry, honey. It’s not on our list so we’re not getting it today.” doesn’t work, pull out your phone and take a picture. If it’s close to Christmas, tell them you’ll take a picture of it for Santa. If it’s closer to their birthday, Easter, or some other holiday, tell them you’ll take a picture to show grandma. It may not prevent a cry fest, but it might, so it’s worth a try.

5. Bring distractions.

Pack a few toys, books, and snacks from home to give your kids. If those don’t work, give them your phone or tablet to watch a show or play a game on while you shop. No mom will judge you. If anything, they’ll give you the mom-to-mom, well-done nod because you’ve bought yourself some quiet time to shop.

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