What Do You Get New Parents?

December 18, 2019

What Do You Get New Parents?

Everyone wants to give a new baby gifts. But what about the new parents? They deserve some new stuff, too! But what is a good gift for new parents? 

You may think you need to get the most unique gifts for new parents, but a gift for new parents just needs to be useful, enjoyable, and/or make their life a little easier.

House cleaning service

One challenge of being a new parent is not being able to stick to a normal routine, which includes simple housekeeping chores. Hiring a cleaning service will allow new parents to spend more time resting and bonding with their new baby and less time worrying about vacuuming and laundry. 

If you’ve never used a professional cleaning service before, get recommendations from friends and neighbors or search online for the best home cleaning services where the new parents live. The average national house cleaning rate is $167, so plan on spending around that for a one-time gift.

Spoonful of Comfort package

When you can’t drop off dinner yourself, the next best thing is sending them a gift card to use a meal delivery kit service, right? Maybe not. A meal delivery kit still means someone has to cut, cook, and clean up the meal. A better choice is sending them a batch of gourmet soup from Spoonful of Comfort. They even offer a New Parent package! Complete with your choice of soup, bacci rolls, cookies, and a ladle to serve the soup, all the new parents have to do is warm up the soup and dish it into bowls. It’s an easy, homemade dinner, and with 4-6 servings, it’s one that can be easily enjoyed later, even after that midnight feeding.

Bath salts

Give a new mom something she’s not getting much of these days and feels guilty asking for—the gift of time to herself. For many moms, there’s nothing better than a relaxing soak in the tub with some bath salts. Not only are bath salts known for their relaxation and stress relief benefits, but they also provide health benefits like helping to relieve muscle tension, aching joints, headaches, anxiety, and more. Even if it’s only for 15 minutes, time alone for a mom to relax her body and mind once a week is the best gift you could give her.

One-handed bottle opener

What do you buy a new dad? How about a one-handed bottle opener? He’ll spend a lot of time as a new dad doing things with only one hand. And while this gift may seem small and not very thoughtful, trust us when we say you can expect a thank you text the first time he’s craving a cold root beer (or something a little stronger). He’ll be appreciative that he is able to enjoy his drink without having to put down the baby he just rocked to sleep or wake up mom who also just fell asleep.

Shopping cart hammock

As a first-time parent, you don’t think about what your first time grocery shopping with a newborn will be like. One of the biggest questions is where to put the baby. That’s why every new parent needs a shopping cart hammock. It solves all their shopping problems. A baby shopping cart hammock is a safe, comfortable way to hold a baby while leaving the entire cart open for groceries.

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Shopping cart cover

How many times have you attended a baby shower and the only gifts being opened are newborn outfits and bathtime supplies? While those are adorable and needed, babies grow and their needs change. Be a thoughtful friend and help get them prepared for the months after the newborn stage, such as when their child will be sitting in the seat of the shopping cart. A shopping cart cover is a great gift and a much-needed baby and toddler item that many first-time parents don’t think to register for.

Any of these gifts will make a new parent feel as grateful as they do when the baby sleeps for longer than 30 minutes.