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blonde mom and baby in hammock (carley)
Carly Waddel
"I am seriously never going shopping without the Binxy Baby again. I have never seen Bella so happy in anything. I never felt comfortable shopping with her before since her car seat took up all the room in the cart. Now there's so much room for groceries and she's so happy."
brunette mom and baby in hammock (jamie)
Jamie Otis
"Shopping with a baby is way less hectic now. Before I knew about this hammock I could never decide if I should put the car seat in the cart or on the cart. One isn’t very safe and the other leaves no room for your stuff. The Binxy is super secure and has a safety harness for her. Best part is there is like 10X more room in the cart bc I can fit groceries under and around her."

Dad shopping with baby in sling (tanner)
Tanner Tolbert
"The Binxy Baby is so safe and secure, and baby loves hanging out in it. No tantrums and everyone stops me to find out what it is. Seriously, every single second someone asks me. "
blonde mom in pink shopping with baby in sling (heidi)
Heidi Montag Pratt
"Binxy Baby has been a lifesaver for grocery shopping with Gunner. I had no idea how I would shop with him before I found it. It's an amazing safety-tested hammock that clips on to any shopping cart and I don't have to wear him or bring a stroller. Make mom life so much easier. "

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smiling baby in floral shopping cart hammock

24,000 kids a year are treated in hospital emergency rooms because of shopping cart-related injuries. Binxy Baby® is the safe shopping alternative for moms with babies.

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