About Us

I'm a busy mom of 4. When doing my big "stock-up" shopping with a toddler and newborn a few years ago, I realized I had a problem. I needed to fill my cart with a week's worth of groceries, but I could not, for the life of me, figure out a safe way to contain two kids while doing so. I tried everything. I tried a sling, a stroller, even two carts. I tried putting the entire infant car seat down in the grocery cart but had to cut my trip short when I couldn't find the baby under the piles of bread and coffee. Nothing worked!

As a mom, I am always learning something new. For example, did you know that falls from shopping carts are among the leading causes of head injuries to young children? (1) Or that about 24,000 kids a year are treated in hospital emergency rooms because of shopping cart-related injuries? (2) I had no idea! I also learned that placing your infant car seat on top of a shopping cart is a big no-no. Those infant seats are big and heavy and besides making your cart top heavy, they tend to fall face first when bumped. Ouch! 

My husband knew it was serious when he came home to a big, rusty shopping cart parked in our den :) I was determined to figure out a solution to my problem. And I'm happy to say, after many late nights, some very ugly prototypes, every safety test you can imagine, and a little help from my mom, the Shopping Cart Hammock™ was born. 

I am so excited about this product! It's fun, convenient, and most importantly, allows your cart to safely hold two kids plus a basket full of groceries! The patented design quickly and easily clips onto most carts, the seat hangs elevated so you have plenty of room underneath for groceries, then it rolls up to fit in your purse or diaper bag when finished. You can even put two right next to each other for multiples! It also has a strap to secure infant car seats. So, on those cold, winter days, you can keep your baby all bundled up and just strap the whole car seat directly into the shopping cart hammock™. It provides your little one with the most convenient, safe and comfortable seat in the store. 

And, of course, the Binxy Baby® Shopping Cart Hammock™ meets or exceeds all applicable safety standards.

Hope you enjoy the product,

Lisa Pinnell

Product Designer



1. American Academy of Pediatrics. Pediatrics Vol. 118 No. 2. August 1, 2006; pp. e540-e544 

2. US Consumer Product Safety Commission. National Electronic Injury Surveillance System data for 2005 [from database]. Washington, DC: US Consumer Product Safety Commission; 2003