Top 8 Baby Shower Gifts

June 01, 2020

Top 8 Baby Shower Gifts

The best baby shower gifts are things parents-to-be need but don’t want to get for themselves, as well as things new parents don’t even know that they need. From cute and practical to stylish and sentimental, here’s our list of the top baby shower gifts for new parents.

1. Shopping Cart Hammock

This is one of those gifts that usually isn’t on a new parent’s radar. Right now the parents-to-be are thinking about the birth of their baby and those first few days home with her. They’re not thinking about their first time grocery shopping with a newborn. But it’s OK because you have them covered. With a shopping cart hammock, parents can walk into a store prepared instead of wondering where to put their baby or where to put all their groceries.

And while you’re at it, get them a shopping cart cover as well. That way they’ll have a safe, convenient place to put their baby now, and then something for later when she can sit up in the shopping cart.

2. Personalized Story Book

If the baby already has a name, create a personalized book in his honor. Some companies even let you do more than add the baby’s name. You can add mom’s and dad’s names, as well as pictures. It’ll make storytime a little more magical, especially once the child gets older and realizes the book is about them, and it’ll be a unique keepsake gift that the parents and child will love for years to come. 

3. Document Organizer

As a first-time parent, you don’t realize how much paperwork comes with such a tiny person. With a BabyBriefcase Baby Paperwork Organizer, parents can keep their baby’s important documents and memories in one organized place. It keeps important insurance and pediatrician information safe and makes it easy to find the child’s birth certificate, passport, baby gear warranty information, and more.

4. Baby Basics Kit

If you want to give a practical baby shower gift, the FridaBaby Baby Basics Kit is it. This baby shower must-have comes with a bath brush, nail clipper and file, gas relief tubes, and the parent-favorite NoseFrida booger sucker. New parents usually turn up their noses and squeal in disgust at the thought of sucking out their baby’s boogers. But ask any parent that has one – the NoseFrida is so useful. They’ll quickly learn it’s an amazingly simple invention that they’ll find oddly satisfying each time they use it.

5. Amazon Prime Membership

One of the nicest things you can give new parents is an Amazon Prime Membership if they don’t already have one. You can purchase a Prime Gift Membership for one year for $119 or a three-month membership for $38.97, plus taxes. Along with being able to order diapers and other essentials without leaving the house and having items arrive in two days with free shipping, they’ll have access to Amazon Music, TV shows, movies, and books.

6. Diapers and Wipes

We know you want to be the person giving the gift that the mom-to-be and guests all “ooh” and “aah” over. Diapers and wipes definitely aren’t the most glamorous baby shower gifts, but as moms who’ve had baby showers, we can attest that diapers and wipes are very much appreciated and welcomed! In a baby’s first year of life, parents spend more than $550 on disposable diapers and an average of $20 a month on wipes! That’s a lot of money, and parents will be grateful not to have to spend that much thanks to your thoughtful gift. Just make sure that you buy diapers in different sizes – don’t just buy the newborn size – and opt for sensitive skin styles, or better yet, ask the parents if they already have a diaper brand they plan on using.

7. A DoorDash Gift Card 

Another “boring” gift? Yes. But is it useful and needed? Yes! Because let’s be honest, no new parent wants to cook. And while dropping off home-cooked meals is nice, giving a DoorDash gift card lets mom and dad choose what they want to eat instead of having to take up freezer space and then warm up a weird casserole dish that they can’t quite tell what’s inside.

8. Hospital Essentials Kit

Mom and dad may know they need to pack a hospital bag, but they may not know exactly what to put in it. Help them out by giving them a bag that’s ready to go for the big day! Some things you could include are travel-sized toiletries, magazines, a deck of cards, gum, snacks, water bottles, socks for mom, and washcloths.