Safety Tips for Using Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammocks

August 22, 2019

Safety Tips for Using Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammocks

If you have little ones that accompany you on your trip to the grocery store and daily errands, you know it can be difficult to keep your baby comfortable and content during your outing. The Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock is a fantastic way to keep your little sidekick happy while you’re out. Take a look at some safety tips to help ensure your baby stays safe and snug in their shopping cart hammock.

Designed for Safety and Comfort

First and foremost, you can have confidence in the fact that your Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock was created with your baby in mind. There have been multiple safety tests performed on Binxy Baby. High-quality materials ensure your shopping cart car seat holder will last. The shape of the hammock was designed specifically for the comfort of your little one, with a double layer of upholstery fabric, and multiple safety belts to secure baby in place. 

Be Mindful of the Clips

Pay close attention to the clips, or durable plastic lip found on both ends of the shopping cart hammock. When you’re setting up your shopping cart hammock, make sure that both clips are firmly pressed down and hugging the side of the shopping cart. The hammocks are compatible with most shopping carts, but not all. When you're pressing the clips down, they should slide easily over the sides of the cart.

Pay Attention to the Weight Limit

Keep in mind that your Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock can hold up to 50 pounds. If your child exceeds this weight, you will want to consider another way for them to sit in the cart. Being mindful of the weight limit will prevent any potential discomfort for your baby, as well as any issues that might arise.

Keep Baby in their Car Seat

We know it can be hard to know how to go shopping with a car seat. While it’s not recommended to set your child’s car seat on top of your shopping cart, a shopping cart hammock provides a way to secure the car seat to the shopping cart without causing the cart to be top-heavy. Once you have secured the shopping cart car seat holder, set the car seat inside, and then use the infant carrier safety strap to secure the car seat in place. This works wonderfully for when your baby is asleep in her car seat and you don’t want to take her out for your trip to the store.

Always Buckle Up

Your Binxy Baby hammock has a three-point harness to secure your little one during errands. Even if your baby isn’t rolling over, is asleep, or relatively immobile, it is always better to err on the side of caution and buckle them. The strong buckle is sure to keep your baby secure in their hammock.

It’s not always easy to bring your baby with you when you’re running errands. Binxy Baby’s shopping cart hammock helps your baby stay comfortable while you complete your to-do list.