7 Baby Essentials for the Holiday Season

December 01, 2020

7 Baby Essentials for the Holiday Season

Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for your friends, family, or some survival gear for your own household, we’ve got you and your baby covered. 

Luckily for us, the holiday season is when manufacturers pull out all the stops trying to create that genius gift or gadget we’ll all go wild over. Whether it’s simply adorable or makes our lives so much easier, some of the best stuff is out right now.

We’ve taken a look at the new and old, and here are a few of our favorites.

Munchkin Shhh Portable Baby Sleep Soother Sound Machine

Believe it or not, this one’s not just for you. Your little one will benefit from sleeping longer too, and if they feel more peaceful, then they’ll get more rest--and you will, too. With shushing, heartbeat and white noises, your baby will be perfectly content. And hey, it’s a nightlight, too!

Click here to purchase.

Blooming Bath Lotus

Why didn’t anyone think of this before? This petaled baby bath folds in on itself to fill your sink with the ultimate baby-washing station. No more leaning over the bathtub and hurting your knees just to  get your kidlet clean. We’re so in love with this reasonably-priced product.

Shopping Cart Cover

Is it time to switch from your baby hammock to the shopping cart cover? They grow so fast. Keep your baby clean and safe while you shop. 

Remember, the baby hammock is good for up to fifty pounds and straps your little one safely and comfortably into cozy comfort while leaving plenty underneath the hammock for your food. But once they outgrow their hammock, the cart cover creates a germ barrier and makes shopping time a lot more comfortable.



Buy mom and dad some peace of mind with a week’s worth of groceries delivered right to their door. Call your local markets and see who offers this service and compare prices. Get some input from the parents so you don’t forget anything they need, or let them do the choosing with a gift card. 



Summer Infant Superseat 3-in-1 Deluxe Island Giggles Booster Seat

The only thing we don’t like about this booster seat/play center is its conspicuously long name. Other than that, you have a booster seat for home, restaurants and the movie theatre, but it also transforms into a fun playcenter for your child.

We love multi-functioning items because who has room for everything?

Self Care

Don’t forget mom through all this.  A spa kit could be just the thing for her when she needs a break. If you really want to help her out, head over there and keep an eye on the baby while she pampers herself and then takes a nap. No one needs a nap more than new parents!

If her baby is a little older, maybe book a couple of hours at a spa while you babysit. Just make sure you have everything you need to take care of the little one.


Perfect Baby Photos

Give the parents a session at a talented photographer’s studio. Over the years, what they’ll treasure most are the baby photos and family pictures. Make sure to check out reviews and samples of the photographer’s work.

If one of the parents has a knack for photography, consider a gift certificate to Shutterfly instead, where they can upload their photos and order beautiful albums to keep on their shelves and give to grandparents.

These are just a few ideas. Add yours in the comments and share which baby products and parent helps you can’t live without.

Happy holidays!